Take 2

Here we are again, just you and I.

The first iteration of this page died in an unseemly hack that punched through my meager Joomla defenses and ended up arousing the ire of the spam detect-o-drones at Google, which decided, briefly, that proffitt.org was now a spam haven.

But, in truth, it was withering on the vine nonetheless. The true culprit was a real┬álack of effort on my part, as I’d had fallen into the classic problem all writers and craftspeople have: if you do X for a living, you really don’t want to do X for fun. The shoemaker’s children go barefoot, after all, and as someone who was writing full-time for ReadWrite (and doing social media for SUSE at the same time), sitting down and punching out my thoughts on anything seemed a bit of a stretch. At the end of the day, a good book or time with my family was all I wanted.

But now my fortunes have changed. I have a great new career at Red Hat, and while I love being a Community Liaison for oVirt, writing is not the day-to-day heart of my professional life right now. So, at last, the urge to write comes back.

Choice of topics? Well, I have a mid-life crisis that is coming on strong and I figure at my age I can write about any damn thing I want to. Channeling my energies here will likely be safer than cars, booze, or women. Likely.

But for those of you who know me, the tack I will take will be decidedly nerdy, sometimes serious, and nearly always full of smart-assery.

Let us begin.